Organic Beauty-and-Health-Care

 Organic Beauty-and-Health-Care

Relaxation Guaranteed
Relaxation Guaranteed
“Quick Escape”

Organic facial to refresh and tone. We use only organic products from WORLD ORGANIC.

  • 30min - $65
  • 60min - $110

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"All About You!"

  • Relaxation Massage & Organic Facial 60min - $125
  • Relaxation Massage & Organic Facial 90min - $165
  • Dry Skin Brush, Detoxifying Scrub, Relaxation Massage (Hot Stones optional) & Organic Facial 120min - $199
  • Foot Bath with Scrub, Indian Head Massage, Relaxation Massage including Hands & Feet 120min - $199
  • or put you own package together!


Indian Head Massage

An Indian head massage will energize your mind and allow tension to slip away. It is both a therapeutic and beauty treatment with many wonderful benefits. It involves a general massage to the shoulders, neck, face and scalp, hot fomentation, stretching and acupressure points. Indian Head Massage can be used to relieve insomnia and headaches, boost the immune system, reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate hair growth.

  • 45min - $85


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“Beauty is the quality that gives pleasure to the sight. Beauty is not merely a look but an expression. Beauty is not only a body function, but its performance. It is essentially, an expression of well-being. Beauty thus, involves the body, mind and spirit.”