Treatments Ayurveda

Treatments Ayurveda

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Ayurvedic Consultation

The initial consultation will involve an in-depth interview analyzing all aspects of the patient’s complaint or ailment and assessing the individual body constitution (Prakriti). The consultation also includes evaluating the pulse, tongue diagnosis as well as and the capacity of the digestive fire (Agni).

Daily routine and dietary habits will be addressed and suggestions to change these will be discussed with the aim of restoring balance through diet, lifestyle, classical Ayurvedic preparations and body cleansing advice.

  • Initial consultation: 
60–80 minutes – $110; Follow up $65


Abhyanga (Massage)

Massage is the most ancient technique used for healing. Abhyanga is a classical full body rejuvenation with warm medicated oils according to your body type. It helps to relax the muscles, opens the channels, eliminates toxins and rejuvenates tissues. It stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation and revitalizes mind and nervous system. Ayurvedic massage is considered as one of the preparatory treatments for Panchakarma (detoxification).

  • 60min - $110
  • 30min (back only) - $65


Relaxation at ani HEALTH CARE
Relaxation at ani HEALTH CARE

Indian Head Massage

An Indian head massage will energize your mind and allow tension to slip away. It is both a therapeutic and beauty treatment with many wonderful benefits. It involves a general massage to the shoulders, neck, face and scalp, hot fomentation, stretching and acupressure points. Indian Head Massage can be used to relieve insomnia and headaches, boost the immune system, reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate hair growth.

  • 45min - $80